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Suggested and Accepted as DDs

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My own little way of making other deviants happy!
Check them out and give them love! <3


Here are the wonderful submissions from my groups
UnlimitedAnime-Manga and DrawAnimeArt!
Browse the collection to see all the journal links of art features.


Lovely deviations that deserve to be featured!
Browse the collection to see all the journal links of art features.

Pixel Icons <3

Here are some pixel icons I commissioned from other artists.
Please do not use without permission! >.<

Icon: Ginryuzaki by AngelPowahComission1 by Maeirys
CM: Chibi Rainbow Icon by PatyKida
Art CM ^Ginryuzaki by KTaoWAYGin by WanNyan
Icon: Ginryuzaki by AngelPowahCM: Chibi Law Icon by PatyKidaComission- law by Maeirys
C: Gin squared by teiteikaCM - Ginryuzaki by ShinjuukiPC - Ginryuzaki+Gintoki by xLaLaBreadxPC - Sanji-Zoro by xLaLaBreadxGin and Law icon for Ginryuzaki by TerinAngelC: GinLaw by teiteika

current avatar by KTaoWAY




Sep 1, 2014
5:55 am
Sep 1, 2014
5:23 am
Sep 1, 2014
5:13 am
Sep 1, 2014
4:35 am
Sep 1, 2014
2:32 am

Music that I particularly love <3

These are three of my favorite OPM love songs! I just can't get enough of them~ :blush:

Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal - Boyfriends

Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka - Eraserheads

Ikaw Lamang - Silent Sanctuary


500 DDs + My Life as a Suggester

Fri Aug 29, 2014, 7:31 AM

Hello everyone! :la:

Most of you may not know this, but I actually suggest Daily Deviations (DDs). I've been doing this for a while now, but time flies so fast, I didn't realize until now that I have more than 500 DDs accepted, excluding the overlooked ones and 'suggested by many'. It was absolutely fun, and making descriptions for some of them was really... challenging (well, most probably because English isn't my first language, and I'm not very good with words). ^^;

I've been suggesting DDs for almost two and a half years. I officially started in April 2012, when I joined a contest about suggesting as many DDs as we can until the set deadline. I didn't win the contest, but I found and realized something more important as I suggest along the way. That's why I keep on suggesting from that time until now. :)

Now, I just want to share some of my experiences and thoughts about suggesting DDs.


Experiences in suggesting.

When I joined the DD suggesting contest, it was only for fun. I didn't think of anything, except the prize, which is a whopping 1-year premium membership. Well at that time, I couldn't afford a premium membership that long, so I was really hoping I could win. But I didn't. I continued suggesting, but I constantly get frustrated when my suggestions are declined, or when they are overlooked by the Community Volunteers (CVs). I got tired and stopped for a while.

Until new set of volunteers came. I started suggesting again. There was one particular CV who declined almost all of my suggestions, hundreds of suggestions. I didn't have a choice; she was the only CV for that art category (if I remember correctly). I get disappointed all the time, and it pushed me to almost give up on suggesting. Then I didn't notice, it was already April 2013. I have realized that I'm not doing it right, because I never read their DD guidelines, and I just randomly suggest works, not only to one volunteer, but to all, which is very confusing and troublesome to them. (well...honestly, until now I still do this occasionally, and there are times I get caught by the CV) I know, I'm so sorry... ;u;

Before, I thought that my past suggestions were good enough for a DD, but I have forgotten that people have different tastes and preferences; I can't blame anyone. I observed how my other fellow suggesters suggest, and I learned a lot, especially from that CV I mentioned above, and from a fellow suggester who has inspired me to never give up on suggesting. Regrettably, it took me more than a year to realize it.

Lately, it's crazy. Some people send me notes and ask me to suggest their work as DD. Well, that's okay though, but really, they don't need me to suggest their works because anybody can suggest, and they can even suggest their own works. There were also some instances that they suggest works to me. Though it's somewhat flattering, of course, I'm not a CV and I can't do that. :3

Back then, I was never good at suggesting; I hated myself as a suggester. I had only around 30 accepted suggestions from the time I started until 2013 of the same month. Then it became more than 350 from 2013 until 2014 of the same month! I still don't know how I managed to do that. By the way, I count DDs over time not because I want to brag or anything negative, but it somehow helps me to see if I am improving or not. ;p

Now I've reached 500 suggestions, I wonder if I will reach 1000 someday. :thanks:


About my suggestions.

My first ever suggestion is actually a Digital Art piece, but I couldn't find it anymore. Probably the artist deactivated few months after he got the DD due to inactivity. The next one is a Manga/Anime piece, which is therefore officially the first in my collection:

Time to Draw Ver 2 by chamoth143

And of course, my 500th accepted suggestion. There are actually three, because they are simultaneously featured in one day (thus any among them could be the 498th, 499th or 500th). These are in Traditional Art, Wallpaper and Digital Art categories respectively:

The Native by ronmonroe  Nathyrra - Commission by ethanrevolution  Assassin by shenfeic

I rarely suggest in Photography category. I don't have a good eye for photography. I honestly couldn't tell if the piece is DD-worthy or not. And out of 500, I only have two Photography pieces accepted! :wow: These are really special to me:

New Beginning by CaveCanem42  Babydoll, My Favorite Doll by BlackMageAlodia

I also rarely suggest in Street Art category. I'm having a hard time looking for pieces in this category. And out of 500, I only have one Street Art piece accepted! :faint: This is absolutely treasure:

Mural by TurkesART

I suggest to almost all art categories, except for two: Resources & Stock Images and Literature. I never (not even dared) suggested a piece from these categories. I guess, like in Photography, I don't have a good eye for them and I don't feel the confidence that the piece would get a DD. You see, when you're suggesting for some time, you'll have this feeling or thinking, "ah, this piece will definitely get a DD if I send it to this CV". I just don't feel it when suggesting to these art categories. ;p

I think the most number of my suggestions accepted is from Digital Art (general), then Manga/Anime category.
And the record of most number of suggestions accepted in one day is five. And if I remember correctly, it only happened twice: November 6, 2013 and May 27, 2014 (I had a hard time remembering the dates, but luckily I remember the DDs featured)

The following are my favorite DDs. When I first saw them, my jaw literally dropped! I find them exceptional, I was really in awe, so I did not hesitate to suggest them. I felt at that moment (yeah the feels :heart:) that they are undoubtedly DD-worthy:

my jaeger V-00 by ptitvinc  Revenge by kakotomirai  Zhur-Taa Ancient by AdamPaquette
Once a God by Balaskas  Land of Giants by desmondWOOT
The Royal and the Humanitarian by handrewx  Forest of Magic by iya-chen  A Story by SansaXIX
::Commission::Her beauty by nanshu  To love you is to be so duty-bound by h6x6h
Palace of recollection by HiroUsuda  Concept art 01 by Deino3330  sunset by weila9
Dragon arhat by white70WS  Happy New Year 2013 by chamooi  Unknowable by davepalumbo

Lunchtime by 86hrhr 
Mermaid by gensan613  Brother Sparrow by myhilary
Ponyo : Ship Shape by staticwind  POP WORLD by PeL07

While these are the suggestions I find really unique and interesting, whether it be on the overall concept, or the background story associated with it:

Game by parbusart  My world by wantou  Guilt and Guardians by gavi-gavi
Wolves by gorak-boo  Spirit in Playful Mood by jacintojc  We Are the Lotus Kids by kaiser-mony  Color Blind by Regularita
DRuGs by Brosa  The Last Supper by LindaRHerzog
sleepy princess by tama-lynn  39 Roses by m-v-c  morning sketch:balerina by alrasyid

But I absolutely LOVE all of my suggestions, because they somewhat keeps me connected to these artists. :heart:



I don't know until when I could suggest. I certainly love suggesting, but sometimes real life can get in the way of things. Lately it's becoming more difficult for me to manage my time. I've been on hiatus for a while, and haven't been able to post decent art.

I am hoping that with this journal, I am able to inspire you to suggest DDs too. :heart: We all start somewhere. We'll have our ups and downs. I did not instantly become a 'great' suggester like some people tell me. Like in everything you do and things you aspire to be, just keep on doing what you love and never ever give up. If you fail on something or if things didn't turn out the way you want, strive harder and make it your motivation to do better next time.

If you're interested in DD suggesting, you may check my tutorial here, but there are also plenty of tutorials about DD suggesting here in dA. I wrote everything I know about suggesting in this tutorial:

TUTORIAL: How To Suggest DDs + Some Tips[UPDATE: 1/20/2014] I updated this tutorial and added new pointers. These are particularly about browsing the artist's gallery (#4).
Hi everyone! :D
Few deviants asked me for some tips on how I suggest DDs. It's true that I have suggested some DDs, though I don't really consider myself that good at suggesting. But I hope at the end of this tutorial, I could impart some inspiration and you would learn something new about DD suggestions.
I made this tutorial for those who are interested in DD suggesting. I also provided some tips, and hopefully they would be helpful. Most of what I wrote here are what I learned along the way (as I suggest), and based from my experience. The important reminders are in red bullets :bulletred:.
1. First of all, what are DDs ?
DD or Daily Deviation is basically a one-day art feature of deviations selected by our Community Volunteers (CV) or Staff members. These wonderful deviations are brought to the attention of the

If there are CVs who I frequently suggest to that are reading this right now, I apologize for all the trouble I have caused, and thank you so much for all the help and for bearing with me. You are all amazing! :thanks:

Thank you for reading. And thank you very much for all the support! :hug:

* * *

:bulletgreen: Important links :bulletgreen:
FAQ #18 : Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #61 : What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #313 : How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?

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Journal Entry: Thu Aug 28, 2014, 6:41 PM

These are the featured submissions from the groups UnlimitedAnime-Manga, DrawAnimeArt and Manga-Anime-4ALL for the months of July and August! Check them out & give them love! :hug:
And please :+fav: this journal so that it can reach larger audience, thus giving more exposure to the artists. :heart:

Moonlight Cavern by Jowa  d r e a m s by Hoshi-Pan  +The Princess and her Guardian+ by larienne
Commission - Tia by Sekigan  Allison's Omniverse by Mhyon
origins of ocean by LZTanukichi
FaLLEN Chapter 7 -Front Cover- by OgawaBurukku  Comm: Living Room by futarinokizuna  Sorrowful Friendship by EizenHower
D.N.Angel by alskat  20140822 by mist-dancer
Sweet Tooth by Deiyanoko  Another Kingdom by Joyfool  Kill la Kill : Maid Miko by Me-Ticha
You'll Come Back? by DolceCaramella
..Sinking.. by Saviroosje  room of curiosities by vendae  Under the Sea by sana37
Juvia Lockser by wennly  Erica by d-oppelganger
9 . 8 by milemiru  Ate by au7  KAGEPURO: ENE With Summer by BlackStar1925
The Bluest Memory by ZakkVanBurace  [aph USAandUK] Pirate ship by Fhyen
Flute by LeadApprentice  Haikyuu- Tobe! by Gin-Uzumaki  [NARUTO]NARUTO by ryusin
Shizuo by Tabachichi  Travis the Demon. Commission. by Taiss14
Tokyo Ghoul - Ken Kaneki by jacky5493  WTF!? by Shoutyy  Untitled by maxxxxine
Outlawed - Prototype by KidCurious
Starry Night by alskat  Tokyo Ghoul by luckydraws
Shota Flower by Altonaix  MafiosoOC : RodNett by neokirii  Commission: Pinlin (Ikuya and Ikuyo) by BombayPiko
DNW by Fransumaru  The Legend by ChalkTwins
Please don't bother running...... by freezeex
marika tachibana by gin-1994  Summer Time by Kitsune-Musume  Neptune Mirror by xunini
Sailor Moon Crystal by Princess--Ailish  MOON PRIDE by YukikaChan
RWBY by yuuike  Rosalina's Legacy by e-hima  KanColle - Sakon on Fire!!! by Sakon04
Motherland by Ikanu96
Flutter by raiinysummer  Give me your heart by aionlights  yugata sanae-tohou project by qianshuhao
The Elvish Poem of Love by AmandaBloom  Ilya by LegenSegerr
more Mikasa Ackerman by Fluffmoth  Within Eyesight by Chewsome  Good Afternoon by 00kaorin00
Chii by YukikaChan
Happy B-Day, Mariko-chan94 by Harumagai  doujin preview 172 by michelous
World is Mine by Jenmini  :.CONTEST WINNER. DeathBliss - Painful Truth.: by HokoriCupcake  +Melt into Black+ by Calur

:bulletgreen: Special thanks to Rigoberto60 for allowing me to post this art feature on his group Manga-Anime-4ALL. :bulletgreen:

Journal History


Jennica ✩✩
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"If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right."

Heyya! Thanks for visiting my page! Emoji32 by Emoji-icon

Some facts about me:
• I am a chemical engineer and I'm currently working in an oil company. (´▽`)ノ
• I love anime obviously, and my favorite shows are One Piece and Gintama.
• I am quite allergic to grapes and alcohol. (╯°Д°)╯ But I still drink in parties and celebrations.

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• Manga & Anime DD Suggester Interview: July 2013
• Angel Without Wings Award: December 2013
• Seniority Announcements: December 2013
• Seniority Interview: March 2014

What I love <3

:star: STAMPS :star:

. Drawing is living stamp . by TheArtaI love Math by HippieOtterSTAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz
Photoshop Stamp by mushirColored Pencil Stamp by neeneerPaint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed
I Suggest DDs by ClefairyKidI suggest Daily Deviations by NewYorkKid618
Beatles Stamp by rheallStamp - Dream Theater by LeviamickyOwl City Stamp by Flaimdude
Fun. Stamp by Dreams-of-ImpactJason Mraz by EllexonOneRepublic Stamp by Kyokui
Rainbow Vocaloid Stamp by Vocaloid-TiaBig Bang Stamp 2 by JackdawStampsOne Ok Rock Stamp by NyraXerz
Another Alan Rickman Stamp by ScatharisJohnny Depp--Stamp by Kay-LoveTom Hanks stamp by ElizaMoonchild
Stamp: Colin Firth by samen-op-de-motorSugita Tomokazu stamp by se-rahNakai Kazuya fangirl stamp by Tsukii-h0shii
Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-RoseApocalypto stamp by ChrysalisloverEdward Scissorhands 2 stamp by Strange-little-cat
LOTR Stamp by AndrewJHarmonPirates Of The Caribbean Stamp by nirmanStamp V of Vendetta by Iluvendure
Gintama Stamp 01 by yuki-hoshimeBleach stamp 1 by SnapesImpFlashing Naruto Uzumaki Stamp by FANGIE-CHAN
Fullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Parker-StarkOne Piece Strawhats Stamp by ZochoDeath Note Stamp by polaralex
Studio Ghibli Love by Death-SummonerMADHOUSE stamp by SolomonMarsMakoto Shinkai Stamp by alice-top
::Suikoden Stamp:: by xloki-arisuxStamp - Final Fantasy by shadowed-light-wavesStar Ocean Stamp by Ellidegg
I Love Dragon Nest Stamp by Aii-luvChrono Trigger Stamp by Lightning5trikeTetris Love stamp by dazza1008
Xenogears Stamp by opalettePatapon Stamp by ZombiDJTrails in the Sky STAMP by DeadlyObsession
APH: Ludwig x Feliciano Stamp by ChibikaedeHetalia flags stamp by natersalAPH: Arthur x Alfred Stamp by Chibikaede
ling + ran fan stamp by argentwingsSoulxMaka Stamp by AdryJustendStamp - Royai Hug by Colonel-Chicken
ZoroxSanji OTP stamp by Tigris-LiliumStamp Zoro and Nami 03 by francielenfortesFrobin Stamp by ashleighvestia
Wammy Stamp: Near by BunniiChanDurarara Shizuo Stamp by erjanksKamui stamp by SylvesterX
One Piece Sanji Stamp by erjanksTnB Stamp: 01 - Kotetsu by KanraTCTLaw Stamp by xJapalicious
GIN-Gin stamp by BloodSttarL Stamp by ShinyObject01-RYUZAKI

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins best represents you, and why? 

170 deviants said Sloth
162 deviants said Envy
119 deviants said Pride
77 deviants said Wrath
65 deviants said Lust
57 deviants said Greed
53 deviants said Gluttony


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